Recorded live at our Otolaryngology review course held August 6th -11th, 2016. Audio and accompanying presentations streamed to your phone, tablet, or desktop.

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  • Release Date: January 9, 2017
  • Estimated Time to Complete:52 hours
Required Physician Participation:Review the audio/video lectures at your own pace.
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Faculty and Topics

  • Robert Battista, MD-  Audiology, Cochlear Implants, Facial Nerve
  • Nipun Chhabra, MD - Sleep Apnea, Critical Reasoning Skills, Sinus Disease, Q&A
  • Nicole Cipriani, MD - Pathology Review
  • Lynzee Cornell PhD - Hearing Aids
  • Nicole Fowler, MD - Oral Cavity Cancer, Laryngeal Tumor, Head and Neck Cases
  • Michael Gluth, MD - Conductive Hearing Loss, Chronic Ear Disease, Vertigo, Congenital Hearing Loss, Complications of Otitis Media, Otologic Medicine, Q and A
  • Tang Ho, MD - Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Face Lifts and Flaps, Rhinoplasty, Facial Plastic Cases
  • Zi Jiang, MD - Caustics & Foreign Bodies, Pediatric Trauma, Pediatric Airways, Pediatric Head and Neck Masses
  • Mark Pisaneschi, MD - Head & Neck Imaging
  • Louis Portugal, MD - Salivary Gland Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery Complications, AIDS in Otolaryngology, Critical Reasoning & Communication Skills, Parapharyngeal Tumors, Thyroid Surgery, Parathyroid, Ethics & Professionalism, Quality & Safety in ENT, Evalution of Head and Neck Masses, Head & Neck Cases
  • Raoul Wolf, MD - Allergy & Immunology, Question & Answers
  • Phillip Zaret, MD - Head & Neck Review
  • Jacquelynne Corey, MD - Laryngology and Laryngology Cases

Faculty, Planner, and Reviewer Disclosure Declaration

In compliance with the Standards, Guidelines, and Ethical opinions of the ACCME, AAMC and AMA, The Osler Institute requires that anyone with input into the planning or presentation of Continuing Medical Education activities provided or jointly-provided by The Osler Institute must disclose to the program audience any relevant financial relationships with companies or organizations about whose products or services they are discussing in their presentations. Copies of the Faculty Disclosure Forms will be available during this program.
  • The following faculty/planners/reviewers disclosed a relevant financial relationship(s).
  • Jacquelynne Corey, MD - consultant and speaker for Greer Laboratories
  • The following faculty/planners/reviewers listed no relevant financial relationship(s) to disclose.
  • Robert Battista, MD
  • Nipun Chhabr, MD
  • Nicole Cipriani, MD
  • Lynee Cornell, PhD
  • Nicole Fowler, MD
  • Michael Gluth, MD
  • Tang Ho, MD
  • Zi Yang Jiang, MD
  • Mark Pisaneschi, MD
  • Raoul Wolf, MD
  • Phillip Zaret, MD
  • Louis Portugal, MD†
  • Chelsea Kinnett†
  • Joseph Selliken, MD†
  • Michael Stewart†
  • Sally Schuette, PhD†
  • Copies of the Faculty Disclosure Forms are available upon request.
  • † Program Planning Committee
  • * Reviewer if Applicable
At the conclusion of this course each participant will be able to:
  • Summarize the etiology, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, and common complications for all major disorders covered by the medical specialty of Otolaryngology
  • Describe and employ appropriate diagnostic and assessment procedures Discuss reasonable and appropriate treatment plans for medical and/or surgical management for all major Otolaryngologic disorders
  • Understand and identify appropriate surgical approaches and what facilities are required Describe appropriate habilitation and rehabilitation approaches
  • Outline the basics of diagnosing and treating head and neck cancer Explain the necessity for and how to perform safe techniques for pediatric tonsillectomy