The Osler Institute utilized state of the art equipment to record our Live  2016 comprehensive Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics Review Course and bring it to you! These video files are stored “in the cloud” so you can stream them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection – your learning experience is almost like being at the live activity, but without travel costs and time away from your practice.

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  • Rebecca Howell, PhD Assistant Professor of Radiation Physics University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Eric Klein, PhD Professor of Radiation Medicine and Radiology Northwell Health, New York
  • Buck Rogers, PhD Professor of Radiation Oncology Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Joseph Selliken, MD† President and Medical Director The Osler Institute, Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Girdhar Sharma, PhD Research Assistant Prof of Radiation Oncology Washington University, St. Louis
  • †Course Director


Physical Interactions and Radiation Chemistry  ****  DNA Damage and Repair **** Brachytherapy and Radioimmunotherapy  **** Chromosome and Chromatid Damage ****  Oxygen Effects, LET, and RBE  ****  Heritable Effects: Effects on Embryo and Fetus  ****  Radioprotectors  ****  Cancer Biology  **** Cell, Tissue, and Tumor Kinetics  ****  Dose and Clinical Response for Normal Tissue  ****  Solid Tumor Assay Systems  ****  Radiation Carcinogenesis  ****  Electron Treatment Planning  ****  Photon Treatment Planning  ****  IMRT Including ARC  ****  Treatment Planning Algorithms  ****  Particles  **** Atomic Structure and Radioactive Decay  ****  Interactions of Photons w/Matter  ****  X-Ray Creation and Delivery  ****  Photon/Electron Beam Creation and Delivery  ****  Imaging and Simulation MU Calculation  ****  Localization Systems  ****  Special Procedures, SBRT  ****  Measurements and Calibration  ****  Quality Assurance  **** Brachytherapy  ****  Radiation Safety  ****  Radiation Shielding