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“…I believe it is a ‘great course’”  *  “I feel [the course] helped me pass.”  *

The Osler Institute has over thirty years of experience in preparing physicians for their board examinations. We can help you today.
A survey of Osler participants shows significantly higher pass rates for Osler students compared with those who did not take our course.
The difference in pass rates is difficult to explain away by self-selection in attendance over-representing those who would have passed without taking the Osler course.

Exam pass % for: Written
Osler Participants 91%
Candidates without an Osler review 68%

“Osler gives … unfair advantage” said a Board Trustee. “He’s wrong and right,” reported an Osler participant who heard the trustee’s comment. “The course does give candidates an advantage – but it’s not unfair.” This student had failed his boards before taking the Osler course but told us that he passed easily after doing the course. “This time didn’t even feel like an exam. It was like having a discussion with a colleague.”

The Osler course can work for you too.  

Objectives Methods
Increase basic knowledge and clinical skills Home study questions with answers and review
 Prepare candidates for written and oral board exams  Seminar with Powerpoints and lecture-note syllabus
Provide practicing physicians with a review and update Practice exams for your written and oral boards
Pathology Online Anatomic Review

Now Available!!!!  

Our 2013 course video, audio, and powerpoint presentations streaming to your computer Purchase Now at

Now Available !!!

Attend an Osler review without ever leaving your home or office. We have recorded video, audio, and presentations from our 2013 Pathology AP review. Watch and hear the presenter as you view the slide presentation, pause to reflect on important points or to review. 

Day 1 
Bone Pathology I Julie Fanburg-Smith
Bone Pathology II Julie Fanburg-Smith
Soft Tissue I Julie Fanburg-Smith
Soft Tissue II Julie Fanburg-Smith
Gastrointestinal Pathology I Anu Mehrotra
Gastrointestinal Pathology II Anu Mehrotra
Gastrointestinal Pathology III Anu Mehrotra
Head and Neck Pathology Don-John Summerlin
Pediatric Pathology I Nicole Arva
Pediatric Pathology II Nicole Arva
Day 2 
Renal Pathology Maria Picken
Electron Microscopy Maria Picken
Neuropathology I Qinwen Mao
Neuropathology II Qinwen Mao
Dermatopathology I Kelli Hutchens
Dermatopathology II Kelli Hutchens
Cytopathology I Anwar Raza
Cytopathology II Anwar Raza
Cytopathology III-IV Anwar Raza
Day 3 
Pulmonary Pathology I Aaron Auerbach
Pulmonary Pathology II Aaron Auerbach
Cardiac Pathology Aaron Auerbach
Breast Pathology Anwar Raza
Female Reproductive I Anwar Raza
Female Reproductive II Anwar Raza
Forensic Pathology Joye Carter
Liver and Gallbladder Aaron Auerbach
Inflammation and Repair Aaron Auerbach
Neoplasia Aaron Auerbach
Day 4 
Endocrine Pathology I Anwar Raza
Endocrine Pathology II Anwar Raza
Male Reproductive Pathology Anwar Raza
Anatomic Pathology Review Anwar Raza
Lymph Node I Aaron Auerbach
Lymph Node II Aaron Auerbach
Red Blood Cells Aaron Auerbach
White Blood Cells Aaron Auerbach
Cytogenetics Carrie Fitzpatrick
Molecular Pathology Loren Joseph

Pathology Audio Review
Choose AP/CP combined or Individually.

Learn on the go - with nearly 63 hours of material recorded at our live review courses. The Osler Institute utilizes state of the art equipment to record each of our review courses. Then, based on participant feedback, compiles a set of lectures including the top ranked speakers for each of the topics covered.  Each CD includes a full day of lectures in MP3 format suitable to load onto your MP3 player, listen to on your computer, MP3 compatible CD player , or load onto your MP3 player.
Included with each set is an electronic copy of the syllabus that corresponds with the audio lectures.

Sample Audio Anatomic Pathology

Sample Audio Clinical Pathology

Disc # 1 - Anatomic Pathology **** Inflammation and Repair - Aaron Auerbach **** Neoplasia - Aaron Auerbach **** Cardiac Pathology - Aaron Auerbach **** Liver and Gallbladder - Aaron Auerbach **** Clinical Photo Questions and Answers - Aaron Auerbach **** Soft Tissue Pathology - Aaron Auerbach **** Gastrointestinal Pathology - Anupamjit Mehrotra **** Electron Microscopy - Karlene Hewan-Lowe **** Unknown Cases - Karlene Hewan-Lowe

Disc # 2 - Anatomic Pathology **** Orthopedic Pathology I and II - Kevin Raymond **** Male Reproductive - Anwar Raza **** Female Reproductive I and II - Anwar Raza **** Endocrine Pathology - Carol Adair **** Head and Neck Pathology - Carol Adair **** Neuropathology I and II - Tarik Tihan

Disc # 3 - Anatomic Pathology **** Renal Pathology - Fleurette Abreo **** Breast Pathology - Fleurette Abreo **** Pediatric Pathology I and II - Denise Malicki **** Dermatopathology I and II - David Cassarino **** Pulmonary Pathology - Andreas Khoor **** Forensic Pathology - Laksjhmanan Sathyavavagiswaran

Disc # 4 - Anatomic Pathology/Clinical Pathology **** Cytopathology I-VI - Simon Bergman **** Cytopathology Review - Simon Bergman **** Lymph Node I-II - Aaron Auerbach **** Red and White Blood Cells - Sindhu Cherian **** Cytogenetics - Barry Barnoski **** Molecular Pathology - David Cassarino **** Lab Management - Robert Dufour

Disc # 5 - Clinical Pathology **** Humoral and Cellular Immunity - Thomas Alexander **** Immunodeficiency and Autoimmunity - Thomas Alexander **** Flow Cytometry - Thomas Alexander **** Platelets and Coagulation - Aaron Auerbach **** Blood Bank I-IV - Donald Chaffin **** Blood Bank Practical-Review - Donald Chaffin

Disc# 6 - Clinical Pathology **** Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing - Margie Morgan **** Bacteriology - Margie Morgan **** Virology - Sheldon Campbell **** Mycology - Sheldon Campbell **** Fungi Song - Sheldon Campbell **** Mycobacteriology - Sheldon Campbell **** Tuberculosis Song - Sheldon Campbell **** Parasitology I-II - Sheldon Campbell **** Home in the Gut Song - Sheldon Campbell

Disc # 7 - Clinical Pathology **** Endocrinology I-II - Robert Dufour **** Statistics and Quality Control - William Winter **** Immunoassay Toxicology and TDM - William Winter **** Diabetes and Renal Function - William Winter **** Lipids and Proteins - William Winter **** Enzymes and Liver - Robert Dufour **** Acid Base Electrolytes Tumor Markers - Robert Dufour **** Instrumentation and Measurement - Robert Dufour

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Anatomic Pathology

PTHAP.jpeg  More than 1,500 Q&A and 450 full-color illustrations provide the ultimate review for the Anatomic Pathology Board Examination

McGraw-Hill Education Specialty Board Review: Anatomic Pathology is the perfect way for residents to prepare for the Anatomic Pathology Board Examination and for practicing pathologists to prepare for recertification. You will find everything you need in one comprehensive, full-color review…multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations, hundreds of full-color illustrations, suggested readings, and case-based scenarios.


  • More than 1,500 multiple-choice questions and answers
  • Answers to questions include discussion of the salient features of the entity, diagnostic pitfalls, and differential diagnosis; and an explanation of the incorrect choice
  • More than 450 full-color, high-resolution gross and microscopic images
  • Covers all areas of anatomic pathology practice, such as pulmonary, bone and soft tissue, immunopathology, and more
  • Valuable review articles and references provided at the end of each chapter

Author comments

Richard Prayson, MD, Section Head, Anatomic Pathology, Cleveland Clinic

Deepa Patil, MD, Associate Staff, Anatomic Pathology and Molecular Pathology, Cleveland Clinic

Deborah Chute, MD, Associate Staff, Anatomic Pathology, Cleveland Clinic

Pathology Microscope Slide Set
Set Choices

CD with over 600 high resolution scanned images in an easy to use format to peruse on your computer.

  • Dermatology Slide Set 179 scanned slides 
  • Hematology Slide Set 92 scanned slides 
  • Orthopedics Slide Set 175 scanned slides 
  • Otolaryngology Slide Set  175 scanned slides 

Purchase all 4 sets on one CD

Pathology Exam Review

Author(s): Atif A Ahmed MD, Ronald M Przygodzki MD

The only review book to cover both anatomic and clinical pathology, Pathology Exam Review offers excellent preparation for the American Board of Pathology Anatomic and Clinical Pathology examinations. The book contains 1,500 board-formatted multiple-choice questions with short explanatory answers, equally divided between anatomic and clinical pathology. Anatomic pathology coverage includes general pathology, cytopathology, autopsy pathology, surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy. Clinical pathology coverage includes immunology, medical microbiology (bacteriology, mycology, virology and parasitology), transfusion medicine, hematology, coagulation, clinical chemistry, and molecular pathology and genetics. Many of the questions are accompanied by full-color images.

A Companion Website includes fully searchable text, a question bank, and an image bank.

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If not staying under the Osler Room Block at the course hotel there is a $43 per day charge for the Banquet Fee which covers the cost of the meeting rooms, lunches and refreshments

Cancellation Policy: Subject to a $100 fee, refunds will be made for cancellations received at least 14 days before the course begins.

The Osler Institute is going green and providing our attendees with the latest technology to assist in their review. Each registrant will receive upon arrival at the course, a USB drive with searchable PDF copies of the presentations offered during the review. In addition a printed syllabus is available for a small additional fee.

“…well worth it. I'll be back”*

“The faculty was outstanding. The most pleasant thing was learning a tremendous amount”*

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