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The Osler Institute recorded our Live webinar, 2023 Pathology Virtual Interactive Slide Lab Review, to bring it to you! These files are stored “in the cloud,” so you can stream them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection, watch or listen to them on your phone or computer – your learning experience is almost like being at the live activity but without travel costs and time away from your practice.

Faculty and Topics

Maria Picken, MD, PhDMaria Picken, MD, PhD

Cardiac and Renal Review (Slide Lab)



Madina Sukhanova PhD, FACMG
Madina Sukhanova PhD, FACMG

Cytogenetics/FISH results in Interpretation/Molecular Genetics (Q&A)


Ashwin S Akki MD, PhD
Ashwin S Akki MD, PhD

Pancreas (Slide Lab)


Neha Varshney, MD
Neha Varshney, MD

GI/ Inflammation & Repair (Slide Lab)


Vikas Mehta, MBBS, MD, FCAP

GU (Slide Lab)


David Hernandez-Gonzalo, MD
David Hernandez-Gonzalo, MD

Liver (Slide Lab)


Anwar Raza, MD
Anwar Raza, MD

Anatomic Pathology Review (Q&A)


William Winter, MD, DABCC, FACB, FCAP
William Winter, MD, DABCC, FACB, FCAP

Hematology & Coagulation Review (Q&A)
Chemistry Review II (Q&A)


Nicole Cipriani MD
Nicole Cipriani MD

Salivary Gland & Thyroid (Slide Lab)
Head & Neck, Soft Tissue (Slide Lab)


Richard R. Gammon, MD
Richard R. Gammon, MD

Blood Bank-Test Your Knowledge (interactive cases)


D. Robert Dufour, MD
D. Robert Dufour, MD

Chemistry Review (Q&A)


Marilyn Bui, MD, PhD
Marilyn Bui, MD, PhD

Bone Pathology (Slide Lab)
Cytopathology I (Slide Lab)
Cytopathology II (Slide Lab)
Cytopathology III (Slide Lab)



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