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Radiation Oncology Virtual Mock Oral Courses


  • Review recorded sessions from Aug. 19, 2021, until exams are completed on Sept. 14,  2021.
  • Private mock oral sessions will be scheduled on Aug. 28-30, 8 am-7 pm. Eastern Time.

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Private Mock Orals 165.00 Each

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Hone your critical reasoning and evaluation skills in a case review course designed to help you zero in on what is most clinically relevant for diagnosis, developing a management plan, and treatment approach in all essential Areas of Radiation Oncology.  Emphasis is placed on the clinical management of the malignant and benign disease by requiring knowledge of anatomy; epidemiology; pathology; patterns of local, regional, and distal involvement; treatment modalities; radiation treatment planning; and results of treatment including prognosis and complications.

The course opens with a lecture presentation on the critical reasoning and communication skills that are important to passing the Oral Certification exam and that will be emphasized in the recorded mock orals available for your viewing. The recorded mock orals cover standard of care relevant cases utilizing a half-hour mock oral exam with feedback format. Participant volunteers and some of our best faculty were recorded in 25-minute virtual simulations of the Oral Board process followed by faculty critique. The recorded material covers all required topic areas and will be available for your viewing beginning 5 days prior to the Osler review weekend through the board exam.

Course fees include participating in 2 private virtual mock oral scheduled during the 3 days encompassing the course. Participants may purchase additional mock orals if desired; however, topic availability may be limited near the start of the course. Participants are matched with faculty based on their topic selections.


Topics Covered

Mock Oral Exam Categories
• Gastrointestinal • Gynecologic • Genitourinary • Lymphoma • Breast • CNS • Pediatric • Lung, Soft Tissue, and Bone • Head, Neck, and Skin 

Enter Mock Oral topic preference(s) in the indicated box that appears during the registration process.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to perform the following for cancers of the eight ABR defined anatomical categories:
• Describe the anatomy, epidemiology/etiologic agents, and natural history
• Explain the pathology and use of tumor markers in determining therapy
• Describe the initial clinical evaluation, staging, and routes of disease spread (local and distant)
• Outline potential treatment modalities including optimum beam and radiation sources, volume and dose calculations, as well as fractionation as appropriate for a case scenario
• Describe the application of brachytherapy or use of multimodality therapies including sequence, interactions, and specific agents if warranted
• Discuss follow-up treatment and evaluation, patterns of failure, and normal tissue effects
• Review the use of palliative care for brain, hepatic and skeletal lesions
• Summarize ethical issues, patient safety, and quality assurance pertinent to individual cases


The Osler Institute is so confident that our programs are the best that we guarantee: if you have utilized an Osler course and then failed the examination, you may re-enroll until you pass tuition-free. For full details see our Terms and Conditions