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A survey of Osler participants shows significantly higher pass rates for Osler students compared with those who did not take our course.
The difference in pass rates is difficult to explain away by self-selection in attendance over-representing those who would have passed without taking the Osler course.

“Osler gives … unfair advantage” said a Board Trustee. “He’s wrong and right,” reported an Osler participant who heard the trustee’s comment. “The course does give candidates an advantage – but it’s not unfair.” This student had failed his boards before taking the Osler course but told us that he passed easily after doing the course. “This time didn’t even feel like an exam. It was like having a discussion with a colleague.”

The Osler course can work for you too.  

Objectives Methods
Increase basic knowledge and clinical skills Home study questions with answers and review
 Prepare candidates for written and oral board exams  Seminar with Powerpoints and lecture-note syllabus
Provide practicing physicians with a review and update Practice exams for your written and oral boards
Ophthalmology Oral Lecture Course October 11-15, 2015 Boston
Please select:
1. Registration type ***2. Extra Day for Written Lectures ***3. Extra Day for Mock Orals ***4. Public Mock Oral Sessions ***5. Private Mock Oral Sessions ***6. Hotel room requirements participants choosing other lodging will incur $43.00/day charge for banquet facilities and services ***7. Syllabus needs

Designation: The Osler Institute designates this Live activity for a maximum of 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.  Physicians should claim only credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

This course will be held at: 
Double Tree by Hilton Boston North Shore 50 Ferncroft Road Danvers MA 1923

This five day course includes presentations that review the entire field of Ophthalmology using both a didactic lecture approach as well as case-based reviews.  As a result, the course provides the perfect review for the ABO oral certification exam as well as a good overall review for the WQE and DOCK exams or for physicians simply interested in a comprehensive update.   The course includes lectures with complimentary, searchable e-syllabus (containing PDFs of all PowerPoint presentations) as well as case review sessions, multiple-choice board style questions, and question and answer sessions (October 11-15).  For those participants who will be taking their Oral Certification Exam in November, there will be mock oral exams to observe without charge (October 14 -16).  For interested participants, a printed syllabus can be pre-ordered for a small additional fee.

Lecture Topics: Optics and Refraction **** Neuro-ophthalmology **** Anterior Segment **** Physical and Geometric Optics **** Visual Neuro-anatomy **** Lens and Cataract **** Optical Instruments **** Visual Field Testing **** Glaucoma **** Refraction and Lens Design **** Visual Pathways **** Anterior Angle **** Spectacles and Contacts **** Oculomotor System **** Uveitis Syndromes **** Keratorefractive Surgery **** Pupillomotor Pathways **** Anterior Segment Trauma **** Special Prescriptions **** Orbit **** Posterior Segment **** Visual Physiology ****  Macular Disorders **** Visual Acuity **** Orbital Trauma **** Retinal Vascular Diseases **** Light and Dark Adaptation **** Orbital Tumors **** Other Retinal Disorders **** Accommodation and Color **** External Eye & Adnexa    Choroid Disorders **** Pediatric Ophthalmology **** Corneal Disorders **** Intraocular Tumors **** Systemic Diseases **** Conjunctival Disorders **** Special Diagnostic Aids **** Neuro-ophthalmology and Orbit **** Anterior Scleral Diseases ****  Anterior and Posterior Segments **** Lacrimal System Disorders **** Pathology of Ocular Adnexa **** External Eye and Adnexa **** Eyelid Disorders **** Strabismus **** Plastic Surgery **** Comitant Deviations **** Posterior Segment Pathology **** Non-comitant Deviations **** Pharmacology and Medicine **** Strabismus Surgery **** Ocular Pharmacology **** Ocular Signs of Disease

Optional extra day of didactic review (October 10)
The extra day of lectures at the beginning of the course specifically emphasizes topics relevant to the WQE and DOCK exams to include additional coverage of pathology, pharmacology, and imaging related topics. This additional material along with the lectures and question and answer sessions contained in the five day course provides a comprehensive review for your written exams and will help you determine the area(s) where you need further study. The complementary e-syllabus provides the perfect outline and resource for continued review and practice enhancement. 

Optional extra day of Mock Orals (October 16)
You receive one complimentary 30 min public Mock Oral session with registration for the extra day.  Participants and faculty meet face-to-face in a half-hour simulation of the oral board process followed by faculty critique. When not participating in your own public Mock Oral exam you will have the opportunity to view the public sessions of other participants. Learn by doing and by observing others. Enter Mock Oral topic preference in indicated box above when registering.

Mock Oral Exam Topics • Optics, Refraction & Physiology • Neuro-ophthalmology & Orbit • External Eye and Adnexa • Anterior Segment of the Eye • Posterior Segment of the Eye, Pediatrics and Strabismus.

If you are interesting in purchasing any additional Mock Orals (public $125; private $165) please contact The Osler Institute at 800-356-7537; space and topic availability may be limited within the two weeks prior to the course.

The Osler Institute is going green and providing our attendees with the latest technology to assist in their review. Each registrant will receive upon arrival at the course, a USB drive with searchable PDF copies of the presentations offered during the review. A printed syllabus can be preordered for a small additional fee. 

Repeat Discount and Guarantee: For details and restrictions see:
Ophthalmology Mock Oral Course October 14-16, 2015 Boston
Please select:
1. Registration type ***2. Public Mock Oral Sessions ***3. Private Mock Oral Sessions ***4. Hotel room requirements (participants choosing other lodging will incur $43.00/day charge for banquet facilities and services)

Designation: The Osler Institute designates this Live activity for a maximum of 30 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.  Physicians should claim only credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

This course will be held at: 
Double Tree by Hilton Boston North Shore 50 Ferncroft Road Danvers MA 1923

Hone your critical reasoning and evaluation skills in an intensive 3-day case review course designed to help you zero in on what is most clinically relevant for diagnosis, treatment approach, and patient management in all essential areas of Ophthalmology.  The course begins with a lecture on the critical reasoning and communication skills important to passing the Oral Certification exam and that will be emphasized during the mock oral exams to follow.  The course covers standard of care relevant cases utilizing a half-hour public mock oral exam with feedback format.  Participants and faculty review face-to-face in a 25-minute simulation of the oral board process followed by faculty critique.  Course fees include participating in three public mock orals and observing others being examined.  Learn from doing and from observing.  Participants may purchase additional mock orals, if desired (public or private); however, availability may be limited within two weeks of the start of the course. Enter Mock Oral topics preference(s) in indicated box above when registering.

Mock Oral Exam Topics
• Optics, Refraction & Physiology •  Neuro-ophthalmology & Orbit • External Eye and Adnexa • Anterior Segment of the Eye • Posterior Segment of the Eye • Pediatrics & Strabismus

Repeat Discount and Guarantee: For details and restrictions see:

Ophthalmology Home Study Audio Review August 2015 Edition


 Learn on the go - with nearly 45 hours of material recorded at our live review courses.  The Osler Institute utilizes state of the art equipment to record each of our review courses. Then, based on participant feedback, compiles a set of lectures including the top ranked speakers for each of the topics covered.  Each CD includes a full day of lectures in MP3 format - listen to on your computer, MP3 compatible CD player , or load onto your MP3 player
Included with each set is an electronic copy of the syllabus that corresponds with the audio lectures. 

Sample Audio

Disc #1 Optics and Refraction 1 by Vike Vicente **** Optics and Refraction 2 by Vike Vicente **** Optics and Refraction 3 by Vike Vicente **** Ocular Pharmacology 1 by Michael Jensen **** Ocular Pharmacology 2 by Michael Jensen **** Ophthalmic Pathology 1 by Victor Elner **** Ophthalmic Pathology 2 by Victor Elner **** Ophthalmic Pathology 3 by Victor Elner

Disc #2 Critical Reasoning and Communication Skills by Robert Wallyn **** Fluorescein Angiography-1 by Robert Wallyn **** Fluorescein Angiography-2 by Robert Wallyn **** Laser Photocoagulation and Alternatives by Robert Wallyn **** Peripheral Retinal Diseases by Robert Wallyn **** Inherited Chorioretinal Diseases by Robert Wallyn **** Diabetic Retinopathy by Robert Wallyn **** Retinal Vascular Diseases by Robert Wallyn **** Retinal Vessel Occlusion by Robert Wallyn

Disc #3 Ocular Surface by Lisa Nijm **** Conjunctival Disorders by Lisa Nijm **** Peripheral Disorders by Lisa Nijm **** Dystrophies by Lisa Nijm **** Corneal Ulcers by Lisa Nijm **** Lens and Cataracts by Lisa Nijm **** Cornea Surgery by Lisa Nijm **** Glaucoma 1 by Shuchi Patel **** Glaucoma 2 by Shuchi Patel **** Glaucoma 3 by Shuchi Patel

Disc #4 Pediatric Ophthalmology  I Strabismus by Ben Ticho  **** Pediatric Ophthalmology  II by Ben Ticho  **** Pediatric Ophthalmology  Non Strabismus I by Patricia Davis  **** Pediatric Ophthalmology  Non Strabismus II by Patricia Davis  **** Uveitis 1 by Lucia Sobrin **** Uveitis 2 by Lucia Sobrin **** Uveitis 3 by Lucia Sobrin

Disc #5Neuro-Ophthalmology-1 by Molly Gilbert **** Neuro-Ophthalmology-2 by Molly Gilbert **** Neuro-Ophthalmology-3 by Molly Gilbert **** Neuro-Ophthalmology-4 by Molly Gilbert **** Neuro-Ophthalmology-5 by Molly Gilbert **** Macular Degeneration and Intraocular Tumors-1 by Larry Ulanski **** Macular Degeneration and Intraocular Tumors-2 by Larry Ulanski

Disc #6 Ocular Imaging-1 by Ali Sepahdari **** Ocular Imaging-2 by Ali Sepahdari **** Ocular Imaging-3 by Ali Sepahdari **** Ocular Imaging-4 by Ali Sepahdari **** Eyelid Malpositions and Repair by Aaron Fay **** Lacrimal Diseases by Aaron Fay **** Orbital Trauma by Aaron Fay **** Eyelid Surgery and Anatomy by Pete Setabutr **** Orbital Inflammation by Pete Setabutr **** Orbital Tumors by Pete Setabutr

Ophthalmology Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Second Edition

OPHPW  Why waste time guessing at what you need to know for the ophthalmology board exam? Maximize your exam preparation time with this quick-hit question and answer review. The unique question and single-answer format eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the correct answers you'll need to know on exam day. Emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. Great for certification and re-certification, this high-yield review for the boards is the perfect compliment to larger texts for intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam.

Table of contents

Author comments
Dr. Richard R. Tamesis is Assistant Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.
Ophthalmology Oral Board Review Study Manual (Volume 1)

OPHBK3.jpg Damien Luviano, MD, FACS
Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD
This book was designed and deemed to be one of the most helpful ways of studying and preparing for the Oral Board Exam. Reminding you to hit the key points of every case in every category. Step by step approach from the description of a case, differential diagnosis, history exam, work-up, treatment, advise and follow-up. Our goal is to help you master how you approach each case you're presented! The spiral bound photo - case book is ideal for studying alone or with a partner. 50 color photos with accompanying cases.


Ophthalmology Clinical Case Studies

Ophthalmology Clinical Case Studies
Thomas F. Mauger, MD

 A practical spiral bound handbook of 50 concise cases that take you step by step through the process of history-taking, examination, diagnosis, medical or surgical treatment and follow-up.

Key Features

• Case-driven approach gives practical examples of every day situations

• Cases are designed for easy reading and quick reference

• Full color illustrations highlight critical information

• Real-world examples of common clinical conditions

Review Questions in Ophthalmology
OPHRQ Approach your exams with confidence using Review Questions in Ophthalmology, Third Edition. You’ll find a concise review of all specialty rotations in ophthalmology, plus key areas such as embryology, anatomy, pediatrics, plastics, and lenses. Real-life clinical cases and more than 1,000 multiple choice questions with answers and explanations in this comprehensive review of ophthalmology provide core knowledge for all residents and fellows in ophthalmology, preparing you for success – both on your exams and in your practice!
  • Test yourself with 1,000+ multiple choice questions, including answers and explanations.
  • Clearly visualize what you’re likely to see on exams and in practice, thanks to more than 400 clinical photographs, fluorescein angiograms, and CT, MRI, and ultrasound images.
  • Focus on common diseases for more useful self-assessment and real-life clinical preparation.
  • LWW’s Online Resources for review content is all housed on ThePoint, which provides flexible learning solutions and resources using Review Questions in Ophthalmology, 3rd Edition.
  • Test yourself with 1,000+ multiple choice questions, including answers and explanations.
  • More than 400 clinical images (including photographs, fluorescein angiograms, and CT, MRI, and ultrasound images)
  • Complete content for easy navigation
About the Author(s)
Kenneth C. Chern MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, Francis I. Proctor Foundation, University of California, San Francisco, CA

Michael A. Saidel MD
Assistant Professor, Director of Cornea Service, Section of Ophthalmology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Ophthalmology Clinical Vignettes: Oral Exam Study Guide

Ophthalmology Clinical Vignettes: Oral Exam Study Guide - provides ophthalmologists a comprehensive system to prepare for the final step in board certification. Arranged in 6 standard test sections: (1) anterior segment, (2) posterior segment, (3) optics, (4) neuroophthalmology, (5) oculoplastics, and (6) pediatrics. 
Clinical Vignettes contains 100 cases covering all relevant material, each with full color photographs and templated responses.
Testimonials: I searched high and low to find a useful study aide for the oral boards and found this one to be the most helpful by far. Clear, concise and in a format that is easy to reproduce come test time! ---Paul McConnell MD MS, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Maryland *** An invaluable tool to organize my study and maximize my time ---Sarah Darbandi MD, Cornea Fellow, Albany, NY ***This book was most useful in helping organize my approach to clinical vignettes ---Jamie Miller MD, Retina, Morgantown, WV

Ophthalmology Oral Board Review: Retina Byte by Byte

Dr. Robert Wallyn, our faculty adviser for the ophthalmology course, has recently released an excellent on-line review book to help those prepare for their Oral Board Exam.
Ophthalmology Oral Board Review: Retina Byte by Byte You can use your IPHONE, IPAD, OR MAC to study for the Ophthalmology Oral Boards. Simulate the American Board of Ophthalmology Oral Examination format. Test yourself by viewing a case and listen to the author’s ideal audio presentation in his own voice. Then for the unique part! Listen to Dr. Wallyn’s “Guiding Bytes” that devise a structured approach to the oral exam. These “Bytes” of wisdom range from nuggets of knowledge to confidence and memory building aids gleaned from years of experience giving mock oral exams. Take this interactive book with you on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Use it anywhere that time permits: while traveling, in an easy chair, or even in bed. Just download the free iBooks app and then use the free sample Retina: Byte by Byte. You will see how it can make a difference by not only increasing your fund of knowledge but enabling you to present it more effectively!
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If not staying under the Osler Room Block at the course hotel there is a $43 per day charge for the Banquet Fee which covers the cost of the meeting rooms, lunches and refreshments

Cancellation Policy: Subject to a $100 fee, refunds will be made for cancellations received at least 14 days before the course begins.

The Osler Institute is going green and providing our attendees with the latest technology to assist in their review. Each registrant will receive upon arrival at the course, a USB drive with searchable PDF copies of the presentations offered during the review. In addition a printed syllabus is available for a small additional fee.

“…well worth it. I'll be back”*

“The faculty was outstanding. The most pleasant thing was learning a tremendous amount”*

*Comments by Osler participants