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Pathology Online Anatomic Review

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Attend an Osler review without ever leaving your home or office. We have recorded video, audio, and presentations from our 2013 Pathology AP review. Watch and listen to the faculty presenter as you view the slide presentation, pause to reflect on important points, or to review. 

Day 1 
Bone Pathology I Julie Fanburg-Smith
Bone Pathology II Julie Fanburg-Smith
Soft Tissue I Julie Fanburg-Smith
Soft Tissue II Julie Fanburg-Smith
Gastrointestinal Pathology I Anu Mehrotra
Gastrointestinal Pathology II Anu Mehrotra
Gastrointestinal Pathology III Anu Mehrotra
Head and Neck Pathology Don-John Summerlin
Pediatric Pathology I Nicole Arva
Pediatric Pathology II Nicole Arva
Day 2 
Renal Pathology Maria Picken
Electron Microscopy Maria Picken
Neuropathology I Qinwen Mao
Neuropathology II Qinwen Mao
Dermatopathology I Kelli Hutchens
Dermatopathology II Kelli Hutchens
Cytopathology I Anwar Raza
Cytopathology II Anwar Raza
Cytopathology III-IV Anwar Raza
Day 3 
Pulmonary Pathology I Aaron Auerbach
Pulmonary Pathology II Aaron Auerbach
Cardiac Pathology Aaron Auerbach
Breast Pathology Anwar Raza
Female Reproductive I Anwar Raza
Female Reproductive II Anwar Raza
Forensic Pathology Joye Carter
Liver and Gallbladder Aaron Auerbach
Inflammation and Repair Aaron Auerbach
Neoplasia Aaron Auerbach
Day 4 
Endocrine Pathology I Anwar Raza
Endocrine Pathology II Anwar Raza
Male Reproductive Pathology Anwar Raza
Anatomic Pathology Review Anwar Raza
Lymph Node I Aaron Auerbach
Lymph Node II Aaron Auerbach
Red Blood Cells Aaron Auerbach
White Blood Cells Aaron Auerbach
Cytogenetics Carrie Fitzpatrick
Molecular Pathology Loren Joseph

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