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The Osler Newsletter returns to provide you with up-to-date information to assist you in staying current with the latest news and trends in medicine and continuing medical education.

Coronavirus May Be a Vascular Disease, Which Explains Everything
Many of the infection’s bizarre symptoms have one thing in common

Although Coronavirus Has Brought Telehealth To The Forefront, Traditional Medicine Is Still Important
The Coronavirus has dramatically changed healthcare delivery models.

Protests against police brutality could set off new wave of coronavirus infections
Minnesota, the epicenter of the protests, has seen an uptick in new cases and hospitalizations in recent days.

Pssst... That face mask isn't a force field against the coronavirus
While COVID-19 thrives, are some people are letting their guard -- and masks -- down too early?

Front-line doctors face a mental health crisis amid coronavirus. Can medicine overcome the culture of stoicism?
Treating patients under combat-like conditions during COVID-19 could have a long-term effect on doctors' mental health.

Hospitals should prepare now for future telehealth demands
Current patient deferral of nonurgent services could lead to a "care debt" down the line

Medicaid providers increasingly frustrated by delays in COVID-19 funding
Health care providers that primarily treat the poor, children and people with disabilities are getting left out of the COVID-19 aid being issued by the Trump administration

Nearly half of Americans stressing and skipping medical appointments, survey finds
A new poll finds nearly half of Americans are suffering mental health problems due to a loss of income or job and missing medical care, with women suffering more than men.

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The Osler Institute's primary concern is the health and well-being of our faculty and participants. As of now, Osler wants to take proactive measures to reduce the potential spread of COVID19 by not encouraging people to gather together. For this reason, we offer comprehensive reviews in the following specialties to help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

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