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The Osler Newsletter returns to provide you with up-to-date information to assist you in staying current with the latest news and trends in medicine and continuing medical education.

The coronavirus outbreak could push telemedicine into mainstream
Telemedicine has been around for more than two decades, but its adoption among Americans has been relatively low. The coronavirus pandemic is quickly changing that.

Lorna Breen, an ER doctor who continued to treat patients after she recovered from Covid-19 has died by suicide
Dr. Lorna Breen died a hero, her father told CNN: "She went down in the trenches and was killed by the enemy on the front line."

Coronavirus: US primary care doctors and their patients are in crisis - Vox
How the coronavirus is making America’s health care access problems even worse.

As Patients Recover From Coronavirus, Doctors Wonder About Long-Term Health Impacts
COVID-19 attacks many systems within the body — we need to be prepared to support the mental and physical challenges that Americans might face in the years after they recover.

Leadership in health care vital during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
As more Americans have reported losing faith in societal institutions, namely the federal government, trust in physicians remains high due to several “dimensions of trust,”

Hotline staffed by psychiatrists helps coronavirus doctors in distress
The psychological toll many doctors face on the front lines of the coronavirus fight came into tragic focus when Dr. Lorna Breen died by suicide.

Exclusive: U.S. medical testing, cancer screenings plunge during coronavirus outbreak
Routine medical tests critical for detecting and monitoring cancer and other conditions plummeted in the United States since mid-March, as the coronavirus spread and public officials urged residents to stay home

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