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Coronavirus live updates: US plans trial of Gilead drug, CDC raises travel warning for South Korea
The total number of COVID-19 cases climbed above 80,200 as of Tuesday with deaths climbing to at least 2,704.

Coronavirus halts FDA inspections in China, might disrupt drug supply
The FDA has pulled inspectors from China amid the coronavirus and warned Americans might face shortages of drugs and devices if the outbreak persists.

Amid coronavirus fears, a second wave of flu hits US kids
A second wave of flu is hitting the U.S., turning this into one of the nastiest seasons for children in a decade.

53% of Execs Say Healthcare Leads Artificial Intelligence Adoption
Over half of healthcare executives believe the industry is ahead of others in artificial intelligence adoption, but cost and skill barriers still hinder implementation.

FDA approves first treatment for kids with peanut allergy
The first treatment for peanut allergies is about to hit the market, a big step toward better care for all kinds of food allergies

AMA sees surge in health IT adoption, 'rise of the digital-native physician'
Its new report on emerging technologies sees appetite and aptitude growing for telehealth and virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, clinical decision support and more.

Many trans youth avoid revealing gender identity to doctors - Reuters
Nearly half of transgender teens and young adults say they sometimes hide their gender identity from healthcare providers, a U.S. study finds.

Ransomware attacks in 2019 forced some health systems to pay up
Cybersecurity experts warn healthcare organizations not to pay up for fear of more attacks, but some provider organizations had no choice last year.
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