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The Osler Past Participant Discount
Effective 10/1/2012 Osler is improving its incentive program for participating physicians. Any physician enrolling and paying the regular price for one of our courses on or after 10/1/2012 will automatically qualify for a 20% discount on all future courses and Osler home study materials. Participants who signed up for courses prior to 10/1/2012 may qualify for our previous discount offering.

The Osler "Until You Pass" Guarantee
Effective 10/1/2012 The Osler Institute is so confident that our program is the best that we guarantee: If you have attended an Osler course and then within the following 9 months failed the examination for which that course was designed, You may continue to take the Osler course until you pass. Each free course must have a corresponding failed examination attempt. Hotel, Banquet, and additional study material costs are not included.

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